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An Air Plant and a Dog Clock {Perfectly. Imperfect.}

Nothing explains why a three year old would pick out an air plant and a wagging tail dog clock for her 3rd birthday…but that is exactly what my child did.  She made her birthday (and my one on one time with her) one of the most memorable experiences by just being her.  It was a time out and time together for us, something I know we both have been missing.

We didn’t have a plan or a purpose, and it was imperfectly perfect.  Dirty Pizza shop windows (we offered to clean them upon leaving), a Yankee Candle substitute when I couldn’t find the birthday candles, a last minute sprint out of the house in the dark of the dawn barefoot and half-dressed in 50 degree temps, and the idea to tell your three year old the sky was pink because it was her birthday…all amazing. 

One thing did remain constant with past birthdays: The Balloon Fairy.  A tradition I had as a child that my mother started, and something I had to give to my children.   There is nothing better than waking up to surprise balloons on  the day of your birthday, and now as a mother, I know there is nothing better than seeing the look of joy on your child’s face (even though the EARLY morning wakeups due to the balloons are sometimes a little torturous!).

Her 3rd birthday was just another reminder for me on this journey I find myself on…you can’t always plan, expect, or control…and when you let go and let things happen…what occurs may become exactly what you had wanted all along.


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She is just one of my joys, and there are days when I wake up with the sun and can't even understand how I have three of them.  Whatever the reason...I'll take it.

My East Coast Family

My East Coast Family