welcome to a glimpse of my work and my life. 



The day started off dark. After a few days of feeling like I was being slowly pulled into a hole, and worrying I might fall in for a while, this day brought me light.  I felt paralyzed when morning broke and was considering living in the pain.

Instead I forced my way out and faced it with my girls. 

What ensued? 

38 empty leaf bags

Total tool mishaps

2 hours worth of battling with a door knob

A broken lamp

A yard still covered with leaves

A house (every floor) covered with leaves

Kitchen utensils being used in the toilet (known only to me after the fact)


And laughter, 

And giggles,

And light I wouldn’t change for any kind of perfection or accomplishment. 

I was present today.  I prioritized.


My littles were by my side the entire day.  Watching and helping and learning from my mad handy skills. Making me laugh, and giving me perspective the whole way.  Keeping me real.

Pulling me through the fog, and giving me steady footing to accept, and forge forward so I can face the remaining 33 empty bags.  

Café Food Shoot

Café Food Shoot

Shattered and Whole

Shattered and Whole