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Mother's Day

On this day that honors all mothers I had to say a special Happy Mother’s day to all of the important women in my life, who have helped me, calmed me, encouraged me, been there for me, and influenced me.  Of course, the biggest influence in this crazy and stressful world of parenthood is not surprisingly my own mother. 

I really don’t know how she did it, actually I do…I get it…she just did it.  

She would never claim she made it through 30 years of parenting gracefully, and you would never hear her accept any praise on a job well done, it's just not in her.  She is a woman that just gets things done, and she did an amazing job (and continues to do so).  Even though she goes above and beyond for her children and everyone around her, she never seems to be able to feel like it’s enough.  That’s my mom.  That is Nancy Cook.

She has inspired many with her extravagant parties, over the top table settings and decoration, and if you ever have stepped foot in her kitchen…well maybe I should say if you haven’t stepped foot in her kitchen you are so missing out. 

There isn’t a time when she isn’t doing something for someone, or baking something for someone.  I never will be able to thank her enough for all the things she taught me, and all the things she had to put up with when it came to me.  She is a stubborn, tough, kind, set her own ways but rightfully so.   I'd like to think (and blame her for) some of these traits of my own.

She is an amazing woman and mother. 

My 3 brothers and one sister and the luckiest kids to be spoiled by the likes of a mother like her.  

"I think all of the Hyland children know who to thank for our creativity (sorry dad),  which translates into talents differently in each of us. I also love that she has nurtured that carefully since we were little."  ~ Jessi

"I still go over to the house to eat on a weekly basis." ~ T.J.

"As I've grown older, I've realized how lucky my siblings and I were to have our mother.  We are all unique and different but one thing we all have in common is the amazing mother that raised us.  She is one of the most creative and loving people I have ever known, and she doesn't expect anything in return except to see the people around her happy. If I ever have kids of my own, I hope I can give them a childhood experience like I had.  I wish I could have another birthday treasure hunt at the lake, an all red Valentines day meal, or the opportunity to re-learn the life cycle of a monarch butterfly every summer. I can never thank her enough for what she has done for me. I love you mom!" ~ K.C.

"Now that I am in college I can really see and appreciate all  mom taught me. Most guys are mesmerized when I  am making a simple snack of eggs on bread, or when I am ironing a shirt. Thanks to her, I am apparently way ahead of the field in many tasks that seem normal to me.  I am the youngest and she  never fails to mention I have been deprived of several activities the older kids got to do, but I have never felt that way. Thanks to the extra time because of "my deprivation", she  became a florist so all my dates always had the coolest flowers. So in other words, being the youngest really isn't such a bad thing. Thanks for all you have done for all of us Mom, and I promise that I will keep our agreement that I make enough money to move you to the Bahamas. Love your youngest and favorite," ~Reece

Happy mother’s day to my mom, the person that most influenced me when it comes to raising my three little girls. 

Thank you Mom.  (Although I will never forgive you for letting me think Sun In would change my hair blond.)  And....I promise you will never see me in another backless shirt.


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