welcome to a glimpse of my work and my life. 


The unknowing, unmasked purity of loving yourself.  Not being bound by the bars of society, of others, of your own self.  I wish I could have this again, the power of being three, the innate power you don’t realize you have.


Have you ever lost yourself?

It is something that every woman faces.  Something that happens with no trace of knowledge.  

Something that so easily happened to me.


I had no idea until I was lost.


This One: She is simply


She is who every woman wants to be, and every woman loses.


To be unmasked

To be Free.

To be inherently you.

Something that is so hard to hold on to,

To own.


I know I am trying to get back, and striving everyday to move forward,

And ever so thankful to have a three year old to to show me the clarity of self.


To be Three.

Just Shy of Twenty-Three

Just Shy of Twenty-Three

Mother's Day