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Just Shy of Twenty-Three

Just Shy of Twenty-Three

Just shy of twenty-three when she entered this world. Eight years ago today.

A week late, and a shockingly much before she was ever expected.  She brought with her a full head of hair, and a new existence for me. 


Her hair.


My world was turned upside down when she made her appearance and it was the point where I finally was given a purpose in this world. 

I changed overnight.  I grew up.

I fell to pieces. 

I no longer mattered and I mattered more than anyone else all at the same time. So confusing, so exhausting, so gut wrenchingly wonderful.


This one.


Eyes so deep they pierce you when you really get the chance to look in them.  She carries with her depth that an eight year old should not yet have, and a grace I myself do not possess.

She accepts, does not question,

She just goes.

She has a quiet way of understanding, and a confidence that draws you to her.

She is a sweetheart.


She is the single person that carries with her part of my being. 

The power of a firstborn child.

The Situation of Divorce

The Situation of Divorce