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The Situation of Divorce

The Situation of Divorce

She reached over for my hand and grabbed on tight.  It had been two days since I saw her, and two weeks of no quality time, just rushing around, shuffling from one thing to the next, catching only glimpses of connection between the chaos.

11pm.  She grabbed my hand and wouldn’t let go.

She was standing on the bench at the end of my bed in the dark when I got home from work.

She was waiting for me.

My eyes filled with tears.  I missed her and her sisters more so this weekend than in a very long time. I’ve become numb to a lot of the situation. 

The situation of divorce.

It’s horrible.

No matter what the circumstances are and no matter if you know it’s the right thing,

It sucks.

You cry, argue, play nice, are nice, connect, miss the past, feel the past, long for parts of what was and run as fast as you can from what brought you to this very moment.

It’s up and down.

It’s draining.

I’m tired. 

So. I am going to go to bed and hold on tight to what is.

My little girl's tight grip will bring me to the light of a new day and her unconditional love will continue to carry me through the dark.

There is always light. 

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