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I am by no means a world traveler. But I found myself asking where my favorite place I ever visited was.

The trips to Mexico instantly came up, snorkeling in the clear waters, the intense sun, the culture I’d never experienced.

Colorado. That's a no brainer.


The answer I settled on?





It's the best place I've ever visited. Hands down.

The Scents.

The Cottonwoods mixed with boat gasoline on a murky lake.

The leaves of corn, so sharp they cut like paper.

The wide open spaces so sparse of trees you can see for miles.

The Light.

The People.


People like this family.  Living out their days in a small town, and owning and loving everything minute of The Goodlife.

Laura.  One of the people that simply gets me. And someone I am so thankful to have as a constant in my life.  Her two beautiful children, and her quiet husband, who does nothing but smile and accept, especially when it comes to Molly and Laura time.

I am so thankful for Nebraska.   The people it possesses, the power it holds over me, and the things its land has taught me. 

I can’t wait to visit my favorite place on the planet this summer.


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7 Years of Passing Time

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