welcome to a glimpse of my work and my life. 

I want to be a good Mom.

I want to be a good Mom.

I want to be a good mom. 

I strive to be one. 

I often feel like in failing them. Either not around enough or not present when I am. Pulled in way too many directions on a weekly basis. 

They've seen me cry so many times, many of the them silently. So many tears over the past 3.5 years have gone unnoticed as I stared out my kitchen window and pretended to do the dishes.

Thank God for that window over the sink.

They've seen me impatient, and yell, and get frustrated way too easily. They've seen me sit with my knees up at the dinner table because it's the only time I've sat all day. 

They've seen me fall asleep on the couch, and came over and curled up beside me. They've seen me slam my toe on the corner of the couch and came and offered help as I attempted to hold in the pain in fear of showing weakness. 

They've also seen me cry in happiness, 

Belly laugh,

Be completely silly, 

Dance at the dinner table,

And sing my heart out. 

 In hope in the end

They see me as human.

 And one that loves them more than anything. 

I just want to be a good Mom. 


One that makes my girls Whole. 

Catherine & Wyatt Engagement Shoot

Catherine & Wyatt Engagement Shoot

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